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For years we have contemplated how to raise money to cover the costs associated with running a website...  holding events...  paying for CAMP RIDERS facilities...  and donating as a group to worthy organizations like CORVA, ADOPT-A-TRAIL, Stewards of the Sequoia...  and our friends at ThumperTalk, KTMTalk, Dirt Bike Addicts & Cafe Husky.

We've tried mandatory dues... voluntary donations...  and selling swag to raise funds. Nothing works very well.  In the end, a few always end up paying the bills no matter how we try to level the burden.  And frankly, not everyone has the same size wallet.

"Bottomline: Asking friends for money, no matter how it is done SUCKS."

Going forward donations to RIDERS will always be voluntary !  We don't track them...  but we appreciate them.  Sign up for an Annual Subscription of your choosing.   Or make a one time donation on occasion in any amount you feel good about. Or come give a hand on an Adopt-a-trail or CAMP RIDERS work day.

Truthfully, I'd rather pay for everything myself than ask for money from my riding buddies.

In summary, do what you think right...  and let's go riding !

Jeff aka BOLT
$20 Yr SILVER Subscription
Covers Basic Expenses
$40 Yr GOLD Subscription
Helps with Events & .ORGs
$75 Yr PLATINUM Subscription
One Time Donation in any amount...
You Decide what works for YOU !
I prefer NOT to donate at this time
please just sign me up

Thank you !



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