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That's my buddy Bob with the big smile and Corona in his hand.

Each year for the past 23 years he's been throwing a camping party for his friends in the spring or summer.  It's a great time.  As we have all gotten older it's mostly a family event now.  But we still get down to town to watch a game and get some food at a local sports bar...  and usually find some time to shoot some pool at Chad's Pool Bar.

We stay at a private group camp.  This is tent camping not for RVs.  It is a large private camp with many tables, a great fire pit, large coal BBQ and very clean and modern solar power pit toilets on site. 

Parking is limited. If Dual Sporting, truck your bike & car pool with your buddy if possible. Check with Bob if you must use a trailer to make sure he has the room.

Bob trucks in a lot of wood for the camp fires. Just toss him a few bucks for the cost of the group camp and firewood as a thank you for putting this together for us.

Bring your tent and camping gear.  Bring your Ipod or MP3 player with your favorite music cause Bob strings the trees with a nice sound system for the event. Small generator on hand for light 110V needs.

Activities include: Horse Shoes - Fishing - Hiking - Dual Sport Rides - Mountain Biking - BBQs - Camp Fires & whatever else you can think of !

Gas is close by...  Food is close by...  Showers are close by !

Go to Bob's Website for more details about the Trip - It's a great time !

Dual Sporters RSVP HERE

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