Who are we?   What's this all about?

There is no mystery. We are a bunch of guys, some with riding girlfriends/wives and a few children just like you and your friends that like to go riding and never seem to be able to pick a weekend when everyone can get away. We are between the ages of 20 and 40 something.  We are working men and women or students or both. Skill levels vary from beginner to advanced. Some guys show up and sleep in the back of their truck and some couples bring Toy Haulers. It's a varied group. The common thread is a love of getting into the out doors and we all enjoy camping, riding and off roading.

This website is a way for people to come together and create a common schedule of events that others may want to join in on. It's a great way to meet new riders, make new friends that like to ride and get out and go riding more often and not have to work so hard to find someone else to go riding with!

We encourage you to join, get your buddies to join and schedule a trip ASAP! Come riding, enjoy yourself and have a good time meeting new people.  We only ask that you are of legal age, have a good attitude, respect the land and don't do anything that would harm or jeopardize another Rider Member.  This is not a club but a group of friends. We have no dues or fees. But we do have a ZERO tolerance abuse policy.

Our eMail system automatically sends your message to EVERYONE in the group, so keep your audience in mind. Just act as if your mother was going to read your eMail.  :)

To join, send us a very brief description of yourself and up to three pictures of your toys. A head shot is also appreciated. We will format it to fit the site.  Look at the Rider BIOs page to see what others have posted.  

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